CLAMP femslash fest

celebrating the lovely ladies of CLAMP

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your mods are faren and reshki

credit for the beautiful icons and banners to misskirichan

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day 1: music au

day 2: orchestrated the entire thing

day 3: ice-cream sundae

day 4: romcom

day 5: starcrossed

day 6: folklore

day 7: three words

☆.。.°☆.。 FREE DAY °☆.。.☆.。


A few sketches of pictures that did not happen for clampfemslash week!

Day 3: Icecream Sundae: Sakura and Tomoyo dressed up as sweets, because… of reasons.

Day 7:  Three words - plastic, wolf, fountain: A new world. Tomoyo, part of an investigative unit of mages stationed in a forest, is sent out to kill the beast that has been ravaging the supplies - she follows the trace of the animal along a river to a spring (natural fountain) and finds, living among the wolf-like creatures, a naked, hostile girl. Tomoyo’s unit is stationed close to the cave they live in, and so she keeps going back there in order to learn more about and slowly, slowly make friends with the wolf girl.

Day 6: Folklore - forest princess Tomoyo inviting the farming girl Sakura for a ride


…and that’s a wrap!

Don’t look so despondent, lovely followers and fellow lovers of CLAMP ladies! The Femslash Fest Week may be coming to an end, but our love will go on and oooooonnnn~

Er, that is to say that we very much hope you will continue to love and appreciate the CLAMP ladies and occasionally be inspired to produce beautiful fanwork for them. I certainly plan to! (I mean, even just finishing my half-completed fic that I submitted for the Fest would be a good start, but more may follow.)

Mostly, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much for everything you all did to make this festival so successful (and it was, indeed, a resounding success). Thank you for working so hard to create these beautiful submissions, thank you for taking time out of your week to participate, thanks for reblogging content and spreading this around to all of your followers. Thank you for being friendly and supportive of one another and making this one of the literal nicest fandom events in history. We had loads of fun and I was completely overwhelmed by the response we got. I am not crying though so get that thought right out of your head. It’s raining on my face, okay?

Thanks for making this happen, friends new and old. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



“Reshki here! I’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your support and enthusiasm, and for sharing your talent and creativity with all of us! Right from the beginning, everyone was friendly, involved, and committed, and it was nothing short of amazing to see everyone coming together to produce such wonderful content. I especially loved seeing the broad range of media and pairings. It was wonderful to celebrate CLAMP ladies with all of you!”


Thanks once again, everyone. It’s been a blast.


Your Moderators


All the CLAMP Ladies - An Appreciation Fanmix

Breathe In Frou Frou // Helium Hearts Jason Reeves // Pocketful of Sunshine Natasha Bedingfield // Put Your Records On Corinne Bailey Rae // Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Florence + The Machine // Lifesize A Fine Frenzy // You Make My Dreams Hall & Oates // Butterfly [Live] Jason Mraz

Listen here at 8tracks


Title: Spring
Series: Angelic Layer/Chobits
Rating: Teen?
Summary: Post-Angelic Layer. ‘Ice Machine’ Sai Jounouchi sees an impossibly familiar face in the crowd. Learning the truth forces her to confront her past. Warning for all the spoilers for both these series.

Link to the fic @ my DW

Last-minute fic for Clampfemslashfest’s free day!

edit: thank you to Zelinxia for spotting my broken link! XD all fixed now!


Tomoyo and Hokuto as dreamseeing girlfriends who swap fashion ideas and stories about cute girls while planning how they can meet up while awake. 

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